Watercolour Pigment Making with Lisa-Marie Price




Sat 7 May 2022 10:00

10am – 1pm

In this workshop, Lisa will guide you through the paint making process from start to finish, giving tips and guidance on what to look out for when foraging for pigment. The making of natural watercolours is a very mediative process, each pigment with their own feel, smell and texture. All your senses will be used during this workshop and you should leave feeling a sense of calm.

You will learn how to create their very own watercolour from scratch. This process involves foraging for suitable earth materials, grinding the rocks / earth into a powder using a pestle and mortar, sieving it to ensure a fine powder, learning the ingredients for making watercolours and also the ratios needed for different pigments. Each participant will process their own pigments using a slab and muller to bind the pigment together ready to be used as paint. Participants will all leave with at least one handmade watercolour.

About Lisa-Marie Price

Lisa-Marie Price (b. 1986 Milton Keynes) is a London based abstract painter that explores the connection between nature, people and place. She investigates how they interact with each other and develops work that portrays the intricacies between them. Her methodical style is created using handmade watercolour sourced from pigment that she forages on her travels. Lisa never uses shop bought paint and prides herself on the unique connection between the land and her paintings.