Amplify with De’Anne Crooks: Inner Monologue




Sat 30 April 2022 11:00

Event Space | Ages 16–25

This workshop with artist De’Anne (they/them) is an uncovering of inner monologues & how they can exist within various art practices. As we learn just how important it is to give space for the voices of young people, this workshop explores our inner voices; experimenting with how we translate, visualise & present inner monologues & why this act of poetry is essential to art, liberation & youth to produce written and recorded monologue pieces.

About De’Anne 
De’Anne’s is a multidisciplinary artist & educator & their practice centre’s themes of intimacy, Blackness, & the realisation of their identities. The writing that is seen in their moving image & performances, often reference the monologues heard in the Black Pentecostal church. In their recent residency at The New Art Gallery Walsall, De’Anne actively used the space to implement radical listening as an exchange for memories & folklore. De’Anne is interested in how the endless ways of seeing & caring exist within their heritage. In De’Anne’s educational roles, they continue to confront western ways of teaching & learning & is interested in how their art exists as a tool for conversation within hostile spaces.