The Well (Staged Reading) & Welcome To Mine


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Sat 2 April 2022 17:30

Enjoy an evening of two newly commissioned performances by Poppy Corbett and Francis Grin as part of this four day festival.

The Well by Poppy Corbett (Staged Reading)
1886. Pouilloux, rural France. Claudine thinks she needs to be careful. Yes, she must be careful at the well. When she draws the water, the bucket feels heavy as stones. When she boils the water, the smell is foul. After she’s drunk the water, wooden crosses appear around her house. Is this witchcraft? Or something more sinister…?
This scratch piece is based on a true story, and has developed from research into 19th-century criminal trials involving witchcraft. This research took place at the University of Bristol during 2019, as part of the project ‘Creative Histories of Witchcraft, France 1790 – 1940’.

Welcome to Mine by Francis Grin

Welcome to my Spanish home, my Netflix account, my Ralph Lauren dining table, my ageing pug, my tapas order, my heartbreak, my nervous mother, my belief systems and my neurosis, all of it mine… right?

Laura and her mother, Grace, have been hit with the loss of Laura’s father. When Grace decides to sell the family home in Spain and move back to her hometown in the Netherlands, Laura feels torn. While she isn’t ready to let go of all those physical memories, she agrees to help her mother with the move. The trip must be done by car, as Grace’s pug isn’t able to travel by plane. With the help of family friend Michael, they journey from Spain to the Netherlands. But will a haze of fatigue, car sickness, travel arguments and a symptomatic pug, set Laura over the edge?

These performances will be BSL interpreted.

Q & A
Join us after the performance for a Q & A in the Event Space at MK Gallery. The panel members will be Poppy Corbett, Francis Grin, Rosemary Hill and Lisa Cagnacci.

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