Hidden Stories Part 1


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Thu 31 March 2022 19:30

Join us for a thought provoking evening of short plays exploring pertinent issues of our times.

Daughter of The Waves by Lisa Lovell | 7.30pm
Lisa is the child of Windrush parents. She has experienced racial discrimination all her life, but has fought these barriers throughout her career to become a senior manager. Very recently though, Lisa experienced the worst racism and hostility she has ever faced. Everything she believed in was shaken to the core as people she thought were trusted colleagues, allies and friends colluded with the hostile environment put in the place in the last few years. Lisa was on the verge of losing everything. It was only the support of true friends and the “kindness of strangers” as she describes them which pulled her through this terrible period of her life.

The Saltiness of Time by Shirley Jones | 8.15pm
When Amelia stepped away from the life she knew to become the primary caregiver for a frail and ageing loved one, she had no idea how dramatically it would alter her life. Struck years on by the realisation that her “new normal” is nothing like the past and nowhere near what she has envisioned for her future how should she be viewed by society? Selfless, foolish or a martyr?


Echo by Subika Anwar Khan | 9.15pm
Can we really put things right in the world when we’re destined to repeat historical tragedies? And how much power do we really have from the comfort of our homes. Echo examines the desperate desire to put things right in a time of extreme social unrest. Situated in the UK, one woman makes it her mission to make changes, thousands of miles away.

Q & A – Where are we now with diversity and inclusion? | 9.45pm
Join us for a Q & A after the performance in the Event Space at MK Gallery. Panel members include Lisa Lovell, Subika Anwar-Khan, Roshmi Lovatt and Shirley Jones.

These short performances will be BSL interpreted.

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