EXPLORERS is a dynamic collaborative programme of art and action that opens up routes into artistic practice for neurominorities, dismantling attitudinal and systematic barriers to representation and rights in art and society.  

Throughout 2022 and 2023, MK Gallery will be collaborating with Project Art Works and other organisations across the UK, with a focus on expanding the reach of IPA to work with young adults. Through the co-development of a supported studio initiative, MK Gallery will deliver an exciting programme of workshops, residencies and open studios which will nurture the development of individual creative practice and increase the visibility of neurodiverse talent both locally and nationally.

The Explorers Project

  • Creates platforms for neurodivergent artists.
  • Creates pathways for cultural organisations to deepen their understanding and commit to inviting neurodivergent people and carers into their spaces.
  • Works towards changing the discourse of how neurodivergent artists are positioned and described in culture. 

Explorers Project Partners

The Explorers Project is supported by Arts Council England and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


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